Angles-sur-l'Anglin - Photo : L'Atelier des Sources


The classes of this retreat will be dedicated to the spine which is so often ill-treated in our daily lives. We will aim at bringing the spine in its axis and we will consciously move from our pelvis, our true centre.

We will begin the journey sitting in a position respectful of the structure of the pelvis and of the organs lying within it. Hence, the spine will naturally rise from the pelvis displaying the beauty of its curvatures, we will breathe freely and our three-dimension body will vibrate lively. This is of utmost importance! The diaphragm will ebb and flow, unhindered, setting the beat for the other body arches (arches of the feet, perineum, soft palate and even fontanelle) and, so, the body will find its alignment. The starfish feeling will settle down: inhale to our centre and exhale from our centre to our outer limits, helping the body unfold in the poses.

There will be no so-called advanced poses, no search of cardiac output increase and no direct strengthening of the core. There will be slow movements brought about by the breath, which will enable us to be aware of what will be going on in our bodies. From the sitting position we will continue our journey on all-fours, standing, lying prone and supine, before diving into the crucial moment of relaxation, allowing our bodies to enjoy the benefits of the practice and to savour the feeling of our true centre and a revitalised spine.

Through the poses we will reach out to the other people, because yoga is not just a question of looking within - me, myself and I on my own petty mat -, but it is mainly a succession of movements performed to go beyond our skin to meet our fellows, exactly as a baby does, already in the womb, to discover the world out of his or her comfort zone. The classes will bring about vitality and energy and we will feel once again the lively vibes of our bodies. We will enjoy self-confidence and we will be ready to go back to our daily lives on a renewed basis.

Yoga classes will be soothing and tailored to everyone's needs, whatever your condition and whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner.



Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd July 2020. Arrival on Monday 20th July in the evening.




Yoga Studio at L'Atelier des Sources - Photo : L'Atelier des Sources

L'Atelier des Sources
5, route de Vicq
86260 Angles-sur-l'Anglin
Emmanuelle and Joël will welcome us in their cosy mansion, which they have refurbished to their taste on their own, and they will cook healthy and delicious dishes for us. The house is nested in a beautiful village of the Vienne, in the middle of France.

We will be able to comply with the physical distancing measures in force to avoid the dissemination of the coronavirus. Feel free to bring your own mat, a towel to put on the yoga materials provided and a little scarf to cover your eyes during relaxation.



Monday 20th July
19:00 - Arrival 
21:00 - Introduction
21:15 - Dinner
22:00-22:20 - Meditation followed by the silence of the night

Tuesday 21st July
7:30 - Herbal tea and snacks for those who wish
8:00-11:00 - Yoga
11:30 - Brunch
13:00-15:00 - Free time - You can walk around the village and its surroundings or ask me your questions
15:30-18:30 - Yoga
19:30 - Dinner
20:30-20:50 - Meditation followed by the silence of the night

Wednesday 22nd July
7:30 - Herbal tea and snacks for those who wish
8:00-11:00 - Yoga
11:30 - Brunch
13:00-15:00 - Yoga
15:30 - End of the retreat



255 euros for early birds before 20th June 2020
Booking is confirmed after payment of a non-refundable deposit of 120 euros.
295 euros for later birds after 20th June 2020
Booking is confirmed after payment of a non-refundable deposit of 135 euros.

Prices include:
yoga classes (11 hours);
2 brunches and 2 dinners, as well as the morning herbal tea and snacks;
accommodation in two or three-single-bed bedrooms with their bathrooms;
bed sheets and towels;
yoga mats and materials.

Prices do not include:
transport by car to and from Angles-sur-l'Anglin or by train to and from Châtelleraut and by taxi to and from Angles-sur-l'Anglin.


Useful information

  • Transport: if you come by train on Monday 20th July, you can get on the 18:26 train at Paris-Montparnasse station, at the latest, to arrive at Châtellerault station at 20:08. On Wednesday 22nd July, you can get on the 16:48 train at Châtellerault station to arrive at Paris-Montparnasse station at 18:35. Booking is compulsory.
  • Please note that there is no ATM in Angles-sur-l'Anglin.
  • 12 participants maximum.
  • Feel free to talk about your food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. Emmanuelle and Joël will do their best to accommodate your needs.


More information and registration

By email:
By phone or WhatsApp: +590 (0)690 37 78  71
Using the contact form



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