Parc Josaphat, Brussels - Anne Lemaire


Back on the mat with a couple of safety measures


Taking into account the directives issued by the French MInistry of Sport, I have decided to resume group classes At Home, on the terrace, on Monday 11th May 2020. The attendance will be limited to five people, so that there will be a two-meter distance between each participant.  Together, we will have to stick to the following rules:

- no hugs and no handshakes;
- compulsery hand washing on arrival;
- keeping a safe distance between one another.

I will ask you to bring your own mat, a towel to put on the bolsters, and a little scarf to cover your eyes during relaxation, as I will not use the eyebags.

I will wash the blankets and the blankets that will have been used will be washed again after each class.


On-line classes, on Monday and Friday at 11:00 in Guadeloupe and 16:00 in London, will continue for the time being. If you want to register, unless we already know each other, you must have attended at least one of my face-to-face group classes, or an on-line or a face-to-face private class.


I hope the lockdown will have been as bearable as possible and an interesting period for you. I look forward to seeing you in good shape on the mat.

Take care,

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