I am pleased to offer a yoga class as part of "A.B.E.P.Y (Association Belge des Enseignants et des Pratiquants de Yoga) Spring Day", in Vaalbeek, on Sunday 26th April 2015. My two-and-a-half-hour class will take place in the afternoon.

The class will be intitled Go with the flow in a three-dimensional body. We will sit properly, anchored in our pelvis, so that we can enjoy the uplifting feeling of an erect spine and free breath. Aware of our body, we will initiate the movements from our pelvis (asana and pranayama), stirring our internal organs and expanding outwards. Finally, we will lie still in Savasana, which is absolutely mandatory to help the body, mind and soul integrate the benefits of a yoga class.

On that day, come and enjoy any yoga classes. You will have the opportunity to practise with different teachers and discover different approaches to yoga.

8:15 Welcoming of participants
9:00 Presentation of the day
9:30-11:00 First workshop of the morning
11:15-12:45 Second workshop of the morning
13:00 Vegetarian meal
14:30-17:00 Workshop of the afternoon
17:00 Snack

50 euros for the whole day (including meal)

Europees Centrum La Foresta
Prosperdreef 9
3054 Vaalbeek

For more information, the programme and the registration form, contact me.


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