Yoga and Table d’Hôte


Yoga class and lunch,
to spend some pleasant time with friends in a different way


All you need is at least three other people willing to join you in the adventure, and a date to be agreed upon with me. Each person has a yoga mat and I bring the other materials.


At 11:00, we start our yoga practice in the garden, by the pool, or on the terrace, for an hour and a half. The class is soothing and tailored to everyone's needs. We enjoy practising in the middle of nature. Breathing, unfolding and focusing on effortless feeling rather than on performing. 

At 12:30, we share a healthy home-made lunch that delights our taste buds! It is prepared with all my love and made of fresh, local, organic and seasonal produce.


Address: 1311, route de Mare Café - Port-Blanc, 97190 Le Gosier


Price: 40 euros


I can take your preferences, and your food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities into account. Feel free to talk to me.

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