At your Home


Classes at your home

You live in the area of La Roche-Posay or Châtellerault.
To do yoga is your wildest dream, but you cannot find a class close to your home at a time suitable for you.

All you need is enough space in a room, at least three other people willing to join you in the adventure, and an hour and a half to be agreed upon with me. Each person has a yoga mat and I bring the other materials.

Two possibilities


The class is like a group class. Poses are tailored to your needs, possibly considering the advice of a physiotherapist or an osteopath.


Parent and child do yoga poses together to have fun, to learn to move with the breath and, simply, to be together in a different way. The grown-ups can experience the pure pleasure of game and of nimble movements they have often forgotten. The children gain in suppleness, and awareness of their body and their movements in space. And everyone learns the art of slowing down!



One-off class: 16 euros
One-off class for the host: 14 euros
10-class card valid for 6 months: 140 euros
10-class card valid for 6 months for the host: 120 euros

Financial duress should not prevent you from attending. Please feel free to talk to me. We can probably find an arrangement.


For your comfort

  • I would appreciate if you could arrive 5 minutes before the class, so that we can start on time.
  • Feel free to bring a blanket, and a cushion or a yoga bench to be able to sit comfortably.
  • Practice bears fruit only in the long run. That is why it is better to buy a ten-class card, which is also better for you financially. Of course, you can start with a couple of classes to check whether the yoga I teach suits you.
  • It is better to eat or drink nothing before you come.

Pregnant women and women who have recently given birth

  • They are welcome to my classes. They are specifically taken care of.


More information on the yoga I teach

See The Yoga the I Teach


Any questions?

Fell free to contact me.

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