The sun is setting on the adventure in Guadeloupe. Gratitude for this island, where love came to fruition. Gratitude to the students who believed in the yoga I teach and who were so kind as to place their trust in me.   The sun is rising on a new life. I hope the... [Lire la suite/Read more]

Curfew starting at 19:00 and Lockdown

Hello, As the curfew due to the pandemic has been brought forward and is now starting at 19:00, the Monday class on the terrace will begin at 17:00 and finish at 18:30 until 17th May at least. In accordance with the lockdown rules, the number of spaces is limited at... [Lire la suite/Read more]

Yoga and Breakfast – 20th February 2021

Welcome to a new yoga class followed by a healthy breakfast that will delight your taste buds! On Saturday 20th February 2021 at 7:30 Address: 1311, route de Mare Café - Port-Blanc, in Le Gosier. The gate will be open at 7:15. At 7:30 sharp, we will start our yoga... [Lire la suite/Read more]

September 2020 – Back on the mat!

  Hello, Classes will start again on 7th September 2020.   Taking into account the global health crisis, the attendance in group classes will be limited to five people, so that there will be enough distance between each participant. Together, we will have to... [Lire la suite/Read more]

More Stability to Unfold with Ease

There are only a few spaces left... The classes of these two days will help you understand that, in yoga, stability is more important than flexibility. We will explore various poses from a new perspective, since we will practise from the firm rediscovered basis of our... [Lire la suite/Read more]

Easing of the Lockdown

  Back on the mat with a couple of safety measures Hello, Taking into account the directives issued by the French MInistry of Sport, I have decided to resume group classes At Home, on the terrace, on Monday 11th May 2020. The attendance will be limited to five... [Lire la suite/Read more]

Move from the Spine and the Pelvis – Angles-sur-l’Anglin (France) – 20-22 July 2020

  The classes of this retreat will be dedicated to the spine which is so often ill-treated in our daily lives. We will aim at bringing the spine in its axis and we will consciously move from our pelvis, our true centre. We will begin the journey sitting in a... [Lire la suite/Read more]

Lockdown and Yoga

As we cannot go outside, let us go inside... Yoga can help boost your immune system and keep you in good shape.   Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, I offer: private classes via Skype or WhatsApp, at a time that suits you best... [Lire la suite/Read more]
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