Spreading my Wings!

Hello! Sometimes, life listens to our intentions and answers by opening wide the doors for renewal. Then, we just ought to dive into what life offers. In 2017, life opened a couple of doors for me and triggered a change I had aspired to for years. I have just stepped... [Lire la suite]

Look no further, if…

  you seek fluidity rather than flexibility at all cost; you want to feel your body breathe and move freely from your energetic centre, the sacrum; you want to feel your spine rooted in the earth and pointing toward the sky, supported along its natural curves,... [Lire la suite]

Wonderful New Year to All of You!

Hello! I wish you a wonderful New Year. Just go with the flow of Life! It knows better than us where we should head to. You will find detailed information on weekly classes for adults here. There is no class during Belgian school holidays. There will be no class on... [Lire la suite]

September and the new season: let us move slowly!

The pose itself is not the aim of our practice. It is a tool which allows us to feel what is happening in our bodies.   Classes will start again on 11th September 2017. For detailed information, follow this link: → Weekly classes for adults There will be no class on... [Lire la suite]

Last extended class of the year and summer 2016

The last extended class of the year with Emily and myself will take place on Sunday 5th June 2016 from 3 to 6pm. Classes for adults in July and August 2016 Classes will take place at Pur.thérapies, in Schaerbeek, on Tuesday 5, 12 and 19  July, 23 and 30 August on... [Lire la suite]

Back to our mats!

Classes will start again as from 7th September 2015 For detailed information, follow these links: → Weekly classes for adults → Weekly classes for children → Events for children and teenagers NEW: A weekly class  for adults on Wednesday.   There are a few spaces left... [Lire la suite]

This summer, don’t give up yoga!

Classes for adults in July and August 2015 Classes will take place at Pur.thérapies, in Schaerbeek, on Tuesday 30 June, 7, 21 and 28 July, 11, 18 and 25 August on Thursday 9, 23 and 30 July, 13, 20 and 27 August from 19:45 to 21:15. Prices: 12 € per class, 55 € for 5... [Lire la suite]

Activities in the next few months

Here are a couple of activities scheduled in the next few months. For adults: Extended classes A class in the framework of  "A.B.E.P.Y. Spring Day" A one-day workshop with Pierre Gariel For adults and children: Workshops for one child and one adult Come and try yoga... [Lire la suite]

In 2015, let us experience vitality and peace of mind

In 2015, we will keep on coming back to what is, here and now, starting with our breath. With the breath, we will encounter our sensations. Listening to our body, we will feel the poses and movements from deep inside and let them unfold from our breath. Our natural... [Lire la suite]
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