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  Birth of a local pumpkin (giraumon): from a nice bud slowly to an exquisite fruit. It is the same process for yoga retreats: ideas come up from my regular practice, my breath, as I listen to my body, so that I can later listen to the song of your body. I look... [Lire la suite/Read more]

I sing…

Dear friends,   Before I dive into a big adventure, it is with great pleasure that I invite you at my recital of songs that I am fond of. I will be deftly accompanied on the guitar by Jean-Pierre Van Der Steen.   The recital will be held on Saturday 16th June 2018, at... [Lire la suite/Read more]

A book you should definitely read

If you can read French, once you start reading this book, you will be engrossed in it and oblivious to anything else. Gilles Farcet depicts lively his encounters with Hawk, a larger-than-life character who knew the most prominent poets of the Beat Generation, and he... [Lire la suite/Read more]
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